Always Something There to Remind Me: Allysha Larsen and Jon Vaughn

During the summer of 2013, Allysha Larsen and I collaborated on an exhibit that collected paintings, drawings, and collages of ours that we felt best celebrated our interest in abstraction and it’s contradictions. For both us it was a kind of culmination of a certain period in our art making and we were able to resolve certain aesthetic and conceptual inquiries through our dialogue. Here is the documentation!

+ Our artist statement from the press release:

This exhibit tells the story of two artists’ struggle to escape the semiotic and representational tendencies in their artistic processes, and finally to come full circle and accept the commonality and likenesses in all visual culture.
Is it possible for an abstract image to ever be fully removed from signification?
People will always see a face or a phallus or an elephant in random blobs of paint. The title of the exhibit from the 1980s pop tune by “Naked Eyes,”
refers to the artists’ ultimate acceptance of the associations, memories and representational echoes they initially sought to free themselves from.

Special Thanks to Marcus Miller at the Snelgrove and Js Gauthier for his help with the show and snapping many of these photos! : )