Crypt of Life II at Blim Gallery, Vancouver, BC June 15-June 30 2012

Crypt of Life II

Jon Vaughn

Blim Gallery

YURIKO IGA: Director

115 Pender St. E, Vancouver
BC Canada V6A 1T6 MAP
P: (+1) 604 872 8180
Monday to Thursday: 11 – 9 PM
Friday: 11 – 6 PM*
Saturday: 11 – 6 PM*
Sunday: 12 – 5 PM

Opening: 8 – 11 PM, Friday June 15

Crypt of Life II is the second incarnation of the “Crypt of Life” exhibition of drawing, digital and analog collage and small sculptures/found objects by Jon Vaughn for the Blim Gallery in Vancouver, BC. The first incarnation took place in Regina, SK at the Rob Bos Art Projects Gallery in March of 2012. This version continues the theme of a total work of art/installation that features artworks alongside found and gifted objects of ‘magical’/’mystic’ significance to the artist; charms if you will. Similar to a ‘cabinet of curiousities’ (i.e. from Renaissance Europe) or even shrines, monuments and collections of memento’s, a ‘crypt of life’ is Vaughn’s version of an exhibit that directly connects ‘art’ and ‘life’ into one puzzle of personal legends, mythologies and narratives. Having the artist’s presence at the opening reception also adds another dimension to the exhibit as patrons are encouraged to approach Vaughn with questions and inquiries to the stories behind the artworks and arrangements of objects. “Crypt of Life II” will examine these relationships on a deeper and more fine tuned level and undulate further into the mysteries and complexities that will immerse the viewer in a visual dance of vibrant colours, evocative charms and bizarre dream visions.