Crypt of Life III: A Visual Art Exhibit and Performance by Jon Vaughn, Reception: Friday Nov 23 2012

Crypt of Life III
by Jon Vaughn

Winnipeg, MB
672 Sargent

Reception: Friday November 23,
with performances; 7:30pm and 12:00am

Exhibit: November 23 – December 21


Crypt of Life III is the conclusion to the trilogy of exhibits by Jon Vaughn which begun at Rob Bos’s Art Projects Gallery in Regina in March 2012, followed by Yuriko Iga’s Blim Gallery in Vancouver in June 2012. In November of 2012 Vaughn will bring the third and final variation of the exhibit to Winnipeg, the first showing in a new community space in Winnipeg’s West end run by Brynna Childs.

If the first incarnation of the Crypt of Life seemed innocent, playful, naive and full of curiosity and fascination [morning], and the second one even more radiant with joy, excitement and prolific and colourful splendor [afternoon], the third one embodies the more subtle, rich, dense and dark qualites [evening[ of the trilogy’s subject.

The “Crypt of Life” is a collection of special and magical things and memories, it is a stationary arrangement that is organized in ways that give it’s owner power and ‘good luck’, it is the investment of hope and desire into the crafting of personalized objects and spaces that provides the context for one’s dreams to come true, and to pay hommage to those that should never be forgotten.