Jon Vaughn – Anthem Brut (Slapmp3 019) (July 1, 2003)

01. Amateur Dancer
02. Spurs
03. Trying to Rock It or Get Rokt Trying
04. I Don’t Believe We’ve Been Formally Introduced
05. A Piano in Forte (for Aime & David)
06. Children’s Music

“Like a monkey that dances for his master at the fair. The old man perpetually cranks a magical box, which due to the slight variations in force of the master’s turning hand always emits rhythmic melodies slightly in and out of phase with one another.

A new territory in Vaughn’s work based more on samples and drone-like, forever changing rhythms than his prior release, “Onset” [slapmp3_009]. If IDM can be non-idiomatic, this is it. Then again, what is IDM and what has not been idiomized? Good ol homegrown funk from the vaste Canadian wasteland of Saskatchewan.” Nicolas Krapels, Slapart label owner