Jon Vaughn – Onset (Slapmp3 009) (September 6, 2002)

“Through our association with online music juggernaut NOTYPE we dug up this release from the flatlands of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which apparently is somewhere in Canada. JON VAUGHN is a young artist who presently resides there. His work addresses the collaboration/juxtaposition of ‘different’ concepts, aesthetics, and media, approached from both a critical and personal perspective. As a result, this 6-track, 24-minute tour de force runs the gamut of electronic music idioms yet remarkably maintains a cohesive and truly singular aesthetic vision. From dub-inspired composition to academic digital tape splicing to pastoral electronics to subtly processed field recordings and even on-point electronic improvisation, ONSET is a release everyone can enjoy.” – Nicolas Krapels, Slapart label owner

1. Posing 1 Ensemble
2. Posing 2 Bodies/Cities
3. Posing 2 Remix
4. Posing Indetermined
5. Posing 3 Genial
6. Posing 4 Origin