Jon Vaughn – REALMS exhibition at the Snelgrove Gallery


Curated by Jon Vaughn


Realms is an exhibit and zine that brings together 40 artists from Canada, the USA and Europe and is the first official publication from Jon Vaughn’s publishing house Ecstasy Editions. The artists curated in the collection were asked by Vaughn to create work exploring “imaginative and fantastical realms”, and were encouraged to draw from both personal and conceptual trajectories in any media even though many of the artists in the exhibit use pencil and ink as their primary tools for image making. The result is an eclectic yet tightly focused selection of work, which follows an carefully considered visual narrative uniquely expressed in both the format of the zine and the exhibition. The international group of artists which contributed to the zine and exhibit trace a web of interactions/connections for the curator from his home town of Saskatoon and travels across Canada, as well as from a diverse community of individuals from Europe and the USA many of which are also involved in publishing art zines.

Realms Gallery Exhibition Artists

Mads Kolding [DK], Gwendoline Desnoyers [FR], Paul Bonnet [FR]

Julien Laugier [FR], Benedikt Ruger [DE], Yannick Val Gesto [BE]

Massimiliano Bomba [IT], Kikifruit [US], Matt Lock [US],  Joel Rich [CA]

Brecht Vanderbrauke [BE], Judex Franju [FR], Daniel Cantrell [IT]

Laura Brothers [US], Jon Vaughn [CA], Brandon Blommaert [CA]

Mike Redmond [UK], Carrie Gates [CA], Jairalee Jones [CA]

Jill Stanton [CA], Evgenia Mikhaylova [CA], Sarah Charters [CA]

Benjamin Hettinga [CA], Shawna McLellan [CA], Silje-Marie Salhus [NO]

Jeff Morton [CA], Matthew Jennings [US], Jennifer Pengilly [UK]

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Realms zine

84 pages, black and white

$10 + shipping worldwide ($7.50)


Realms Zine Artists

Tommi Musturi [FI] (Cover), Mads Kolding [DK]

Gwendoline Desnoyers [FR], Paul Bonnet [FR]

Julien Laugier [FR], Matt Fleyd [CA], Benedikt Ruger [DE],

Stephane Prigent [FR], Leon Sadler [UK], Yannick Val Gesto [BE]

E*rock [US], Massimiliano Bomba [IT],

Rasmus Emanuel Svensson [DE], Kikifruit [US],

Matt Lock [US], Brecht Vanderbrauke [BE], Judex Franju [FR]

Daniel Cantrell [IT], Cazzimir Meulemans [BE],

Laura Brothers [US], Matt Goerzen [DE], Jon Vaughn [CA]

Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva [RU], John Van Den Munckhof [NL]

 George Tourlas [GR], Brandon Blommaert [CA], Kokofreakbean [US]

Realms-curated_by_Jon_Vaughn-Laura_Brothers-2013 Realms-curated_by_Jon_Vaughn-Benedikt_Rugar-2013 Realms-curated_by_Jon_Vaughn-Paul_Bonnet-2013 Realms-curated_by_Jon_Vaughn-E_rock__Massimiliano_Bomba-2013

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