Pop Quiz presents An Evening of Deep Listening

POP QUIZ presents

Scant Intone
(Vancouver/North of the Battlefords)

Crys Cole (Winnipeg)

Tim Olive & Jeffrey Allport (Osaka, Japan/Nokomis, SK, CA)

Kara Uzleman (Nokomis) (Installation)

Jeff Morton (Regina)

Carrie Gates (Saskatoon) (Visuals)

Jon Vaughn (Saskatoon)

Mehta Valby-Youngs (Saskatoon)

Greetings Friends!

Pop Quiz cordially invites you to a rare evening of Pan-Canadian minimalist & avant garde music & sound art, projected animated sound-reactive collages, and installation art in the special and intimate G-UN1T space.

This event celebrates the return of Scant Intone aka Constantine Katsiris from his tour of South America, in which he was playing shows and hanging out with the sound art guru Fransisco Lopez, and even making appearences on MTV Brazil! Scant Intone will be closing the evening with a special homecoming deep and dark drone set sure to get everyone in the place levitatin’! ;)

It is also Constantine’s reunion with friends and peers from across Canada that will be appearing this evening such as Crys Cole, Winnipeg’s mysterious and noteworthy sound artist and improviser as well as head honcho at the utterly awesome Send & Receive festival. Crys will be making her debut performance in Saskatoon, something very special not to be missed for those who enjoy the fringes of improvised music and minimalism in it’s truest form!

Crys Cole appears courtesy of the recommendation of Jeffrey Allport & Tim Olive, who are also reuniting after long bit, two best friends who have been crafting their unique form of minimalist improvised music for close to two decades, playing around the world in many different locations and venues with many varieties of musicians, sound makers and performance artists. This event was ignited by their desire to perform in Saskatoon for the first time in possibly a decade, and Pop Quiz’s desire to create the most ideal situation and conditions to experience their art-form.

Also showing his support coming over from Regina will be long time contributor to Pop Quiz Records and Panospria (Scant Intone’s label) is Jeff Morton aka Nuthre, a man who’s career in music, sound, and installation art never ceases to amaze and inspire wonder and curiosity. Jeff will be performing on a selection of his homemade instruments and circuit-bent electronics, a very complimentary addition to the evening!

Kara Uzleman will also be returning to her native city of Saskatoon and will be making an installation in the space to be up for the duration of the event. She has exhibited from coast to coast in Canada and even in Berlin, Germany. We are very delighted to welcome her back to create work in her old home town!

VJ & New Media artist Carrie Gates will be collaborating with Jeff Morton in a special set of that will explore the dynamic range of sounds and textures coaxed by Morton combined with Gates’ reactive animations and digital video collages. Prepare to be surprised and stimulated! Carrie always brings a warm and delightful charm to her sets, combining the graphical aesthetic of an 80s kids birthday party with Mondrian-esque golden ratios. Never to be missed! ;)

And of course, Vaughn himself, label director of Pop Quiz Records, will provide a set of his rarely performed Musique Concrete or tape music, a solitary passion that has been evolving quietly since his childhood when he first began collaging found sounds and sampled and performed sonic fragments. A vista in your imagination will open as the door to Vaughn’s secret world is unlocked!

Opening the night is composer and producer Mehta Valby-Youngs, known for his work in numerous bands for his challenging and thought-provoking arrangements as well as his solo performances which have heavily blurred the boundaries between noise music and performance art. Mehta is looking forward to exposing his affection for minimalist composition and performance at POP QUIZ’S ‘AN EVENING OF DEEP LISTENING!’

**There will be a 10-15 min break in-between each set in which the audience and performers can mingle, go outside for a smoke break, etc **However** once the break is over, the performance space will be locked down and the audience is asked to refrain from conversation, turn off their mobile devices, and relax as much as possible and enjoy the experience of the sights and sounds!**Thanks in advance**!!!

**This is a BYOB event**

**Please bring an admission fee of $10 to support all the touring acts!**

**Special thanks goes out to Jeanette Stewart + The G-UN1T crew for hosting this event!!**

One Love!

-Jon Vaughn / Pop Quiz Records